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Semi-Precious Stones and Other Materials

Below is a listing of stone and other materials I use in my jewelry and beaded compositions.
Some so-called "stones" are actually glass, and are listed as such, along with their colorings.
An example would be "Goldstone" which is actually a golden brown or dark blue glittering glass.
Other "stones" are actually organic material, such as Amber or Freshwater Pearls.
As I add new stones, this list will be updated with descriptions of their coloring and appearance.

The semi-precious stones and other materials used in Unique Beadwork's
jewelry and other beaded items are identified to the best of my ability.
I can identify certain stones myself, and do my best to get the names of stones when I am
buying them at bead shows, but sometimes even the vendors themselves aren't 100% sure.

Abalone ... iridescent swirled green, blue, pink, silver nacre from abalone snails.

AGATE ... chalcedony-microcrystalline quartz with the chemical composition of silicon dioxide,
        not a distinct mineral species, but an aggregate of various forms of silica, chiefly chalcedony.
  Black Agate ... black stone, sometimes with semi-translucent dark brown areas.
  Blue Agate ... a vibrant semi-translucent blue stone from ice to royal blue.
  Blue Lace Agate ... delicate looking light blue with white bands.
  Botswana Agate ... grey-white-brown swirled stone.
  Brazillian Agate ... white with brown splashes, like a hot fudge sundae.
  Crackle Agate ... semi-translucent with honeycomb-type matrix pattern, sometimes dyed.
  Crazy Lace Agate ... a gorgeous stone of natural blue, white, green, and brown swirls,
          sometimes dyed a range of colors.
  Green Agate ... semi-translucent light to dark green agate stone.
  Green Spot Agate ... spotted, dappled green with bits of white.
  Moss Agate ... some translucency with green mottled patterns.
  Striped Black Agate black agate with swirls of white, brown.
  Red Agate ... pale peach to reddish-orange colored agate.
  Tree Agate ... white base stone with dappled green patterns.

Amazonite ... a feldspar stone in a seafoam pale blue-green.
Amber ... fossilized tree resin of deep orangy-yellow-brown coloration, lightweight.
Amethyst ... light to dark purple stone, often with whitish inclusions.
Aragonite ... creamy to dark yellow stone carbonate mineral.
Aventurine ... semi-translucent feldspar, usually green, but can be blue, peach, or red.
Baroque Pearl ... irregular pearl only partially formed into round-shape.
Black Labradorite ... grey stone with black flecks and opal-type flashes of green or blue.
Black Onyx ... solid black stone with high polish factor, sometimes dyed for uniformity.
Black Silk Stone ... pale grey with black lines.
Bronzite ... a rich brown stone with a glittery crushed velvet appearance.
Blue Tigereye ... tigereye that is blue with shimmering banded chatoyancy.
Chalcedony ... semi-translucent, often bluish purple or foamy green stone.
Carnelian ... semi-transparent light to bright orange to orange-red.
Chrysanthemum Stone ... mahogany-colored stone with "flowered" inclusions.
Chrysocolla ... a blue-green mixture somewhat similar to turquoise in appearance.
Citrine ... translucent, pale yellow stone.
Coin Pearl ... pearl which is shaped like a coin, instead of round.
Coral ... natural sea coral, in colors from bleached white to pink, red, brown, black, salmon.
Denim Lapis ... blend of faded blue and white, like stone-washed jeans.
Dichroic Glass ... vibrantly colored, fused layers of glass in intense colors and patterns.
Freshwater Pearls ... genuine pearls, usually cultured, sometimes dyed various colors.
Garnet ... deep dark burgundy red stone with purplish cast. The color, garnet.
Goldstone, Blue ... actually glass of midnight blue color with glittering copper flecks.
Goldstone, Brown ... a rich, glittering medium brown glass bead with sparkly flecks.
Goldstone, Blue and Brown ... the blue and brown Goldstone glass combined into one.
Hemalyke ... man-made glass with mirror-like black / deep charcoal grey finish.
Hematite ... naturally occuring stone with shiny black / dark grey finish.
Howlite ... a white stone with grey matrix, often dyed to resemble turquoise.
Iolite ... dark shimmering purply-blue, aka "Water Sapphire."

JADE ... semi-translucent stone, usually green, but other colors as well.
  Candy Jade ... Jade or Jade-like stone dyed red, pink, green, purple, etc.
  Malaysian "Jade" ... a permanently dyed translucent quartz that resembles Jade.
  Mountain "Jade" ... a dyed opaque dolomite marble.
  Natural Jade ... genuine, undyed Jade of semi-translucent pale green.
  White Jade ... genuine, undyed Jade in white color, usually with some inclusions of black or green.

JASPER ... lightweight stone in a wide variety of colors, often with patterns or swirls.
  A personal favorite stone that works great in my designs and is often lighterweight than glass.
  Autumn Jasper ... light speckled greens, reds, oranges.
  Bamboo Jasper ... dark greens and browns with pointed-leaf patterns.
  Botswana Jasper ... two-tone yellowish-browns in stripes and swirls.
  Brecciated Jasper ... "Poppy Jasper," deep rich browns with red, dark brown, and black patterns.
  Camo Jasper ... dark greens and black patterns swirled together.
  Chocolate Jasper ... brown with darker brown wandering stripes.
  Dalmation Jasper ... off-white with black spotted speckles; also called Spotted Cow Jasper.
  Fancy Jasper ... blends of cream, lilac, mauve, and green.
  Green Line Jasper ... light and dark green bands interspersed with white striations.
  Kambaba Jasper ... deep dark green with black circles and swirls.
  Kiwi Jasper ... a kiwi-green stone with black spots, sometimes dyed red, blue, etc.
  Landscape Jasper ... actually a limestone with creams, browns, blacks.
  Leopardskin Jasper ... tans and sandy browns with black and red circles and spots.
  Moukite Jasper ... opaque earth tones of golden yellow through brick red.
  Ocean Jasper ... mottled greys, browns, whites, like barnacles on the ocean floor.
  Picasso Jasper ... stone with wide abstract streaks of brown, black, grey, and red.
  Picture Jasper ... lt. brown w/dk brown matrix; looks like tiny, exquisite landscapes or pictures.
  Rainbow Jasper ... jasper in a variety of colors and color mixtures, even black.
  Red Jasper ... brick red coloring, usually solid or with slight black or clear matrix.
  Red Spotted Jasper ... deep green jasper with speckled red bits; looks like a tiny rose garden.
  Sesame Jasper ... minty pale green stone with mottled black specks.
  Silver Leaf Jasper ... swirls and spotted patterns in silvery grey with black and white.
  Snowflake Jasper ... lighter brown splotches like snowflakes over darker brown background.
  Zebra Jasper ... actually onyx marble in black and white.

Jet ... petrified coal which has been polished.
Kyanite ... dramatic blends of sheeny blue with white and grey.
Labradorite ... a natural grey stone with opal-type flashes of green or blue.
Lapis Lazuli ... dark royal blue with golden flecks.
Mahogany Obsidian ... combination of deep dark brown and black.
Magnesite ... a white stone with brown matrix, aka "White Turquoise."
Malachite ... deep green with darker green or black banding.
Moonstone ... translucent semi-clear stone with opal-like sheen.
Mother of Pearl ... sheeny, iridescent, organic material produced by mollusks for their inner lining.
Natural Carnelian ... semi-translucent, usually dark brown stone.
Paua Shell ... gorgeous shell with vibrant, green, blue, pink, yellow, peach with opal-like shimmer.
Peridot ... translucent, delicate green stone. A lemony-green color.

Pearl Stick ... pearl which has formed into an elongated, rectangular shape, rather than round.
Petrified Coral ... white coral hardened over time to stone consistency, polished, great looking.
Petrified Palm Root ... time-hardened palm root in off-whites in overlapping swaths, polished.
Petrified Wood ... wood and sap hardened over time to stone consistency, polished, gorgeous!
Pink Opal ... colors range from pale to strong pink, with some black inclusions.
Pyrite ... known also as "Fool's Gold", heavy stone of darkish silvery-brass and black.

"QUARTZ" ... these are actually glass material, rather than natural quartz stone.
  Blueberry Quartz ... royal blue and clear swirled translucent glass.
  Cherry Quartz ... cherry pink and clear swirled translucent glass.
  Pineapple Quartz ... pale yellow and clear swirled translucent glass.
  Strawberry Quartz ... darker than watermelon, lighter than cherry quartz.
  Watermelon Quartz ... light pink and clear swirled translucent glass.

Quartz Crystal ... clear stone, sometimes with slight milky inclusions.
Rainbow Obsidian ... black with a sheeny surface.
Red "Malachite" ... terra cotta red marble with white banding.
Red Tigereye ... rich, red-brown heat-treated tigereye with shimmering banded appearance.
Rhodochrosite ... rich rosy pink stone, sometimes with white & pink banding.
Rhodonite ... rich rosy pink, usually with black matrix.
Rose Quartz ... pale pink semi-translucent quartz.
Ruby in Zoisite ... green stone with black hornblende and natural ruby crystal inclusions.
Russian Serpentine ... "Snowflake Stone," soft honey-combed green and black combination.
Sodalite ... blue-violet coloring with bits of white, somewhat similar to lapis lazuli.
Smoky Quartz ... transl. smoky-brown quartz; sometimes heated and irradiated for iridescence.
Snowflake Obsidian ... volcanic or manmade black glass with mottled grey flakes and splotches.
Sunstone ... creamy pale orange with shimmering depths.
Tigereye ... rich golden-brown coloring with a banded chatoyancy appearance.

Turquoise ... intense medium blue coloring--sometimes with green overtones--and black matrix.
  Yellow Turquoise ... actually serpentine, a yellow and green combination with some black matrix.
  White Chinese Turquoise ... blue and white stone with brown matrix; often dyed Howlite.

Unakite ... shades of green with reddish orange bits throughout.

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