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Gorgeous 3" & 5" Stick Pins

Vintage style jewelry is making a comeback, but rather than buy
something old, rusty, cloudy, and out-of-date, update your Vintage Look instead!
These beautiful stick pins recall an earlier time, yet add a wonderful highlight to any new outfit.
Decorate your tam, beret, cap, hat, sweater, vest, jacket, coat, purse, and more.

Shorter Stick Pins are perfect for caps, hats, purses, shirts, sweaters, and vests.
The longer Stick Pins create a wonderful flow line used on coat and jacket lapels.
Looking for something specific? Email me about what you want at: info@uniquebeadwork.com.

For bunny rabbit stick pins, click on: Bunny Rabbit Stick Pins.
For horse theme stick pins, click on: Horses, Horses, Horses!.
For stick pins featuring penguins, click on: Penguins, Penguins, Penguins!

Blue Crazy Lace Agate Stick Pin

Blue Crazy Lace Agate
Beautiful Crazy Lace Agate
oval in turquoise blue swirls.
Silver color accents, 3".
Price: $10.00    #3BLCRZL1

Pink Crazy Lace Agate Stick Pin

Pink Crazy Lace Agate
Bold, bright pink pillow
rectangle Crazy Lace Agate, red
Jade round, gold accents, 3"
Price: $10.00    #3PKCRZL1

Green Crazy Lace Agate Stick Pin

Green Crazy Lace Agate
Light and dark green Crazy
Lace Agate coin bead,
silver accents, 3".
Price: $10.00    #3GRCRZL1

Swirl Pink Sugalite Stick Pin

Pink Sugalite
Swirls and whorl patterns
in pink Sugalite, silver
accents, 3".
Price: $10.00    #3PKSWSTN

Red Tigereye Stick Pin

Red Tigereye
Luscious dark reddish brown
Tigereye beads, silver
accents, 3".
Price: $10.00    #3REDTIGR

Grey Botswana Agate Stick Pin

Botswana Agate
Light to dark grey swirled
Botswana Agate, silver
accents, 3".
Price: $10.00    #3BTSWAGT

Faceted Crystal Oval Stick Pin

Crystal Oval
Beautifully faceted long Crystal
oval bead, diamond-cut bead,
gold-plated accent beads, 5".
Price: $12.50    #5CROVAL2

Goldstone Stick Pin

Goldstone Glass
Glittering coppery Goldstone
Glass beads, with gold-plated
accent beads, 5".
Price: $12.50    #5LBGOLDS

Faceted Crystal Coin Stick Pin

Wavy Crystal Coin
Beautifully faceted, wavy
Crystal coin bead, diamond-cut
bead, gold plated accents, 5".

Faceted Black Diamond Stick Pin

Black Diamond
Faceted Black Diamond Crystal
oval, diamond-cut black bead,
gold-plated accent beads, 5".
Price: $12.50    #5BKDIAMD

Picture Jasper Stick Pin

Picture Jasper
Aptly named, Picture Jasper
is like a delicate painting;
gold-plated accent beads, 5".
Price: $15.00    #5PIXJSP1

Blue & Gold Enamel Stick Pin

Blue & Gold Enamel
Lovely, long enamel bead
in blue and gold, iridescent
faceted crystal, GP accent, 5".
Price: $12.50    #5BLGDENL

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