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Small Bridle Rosettes

Artisinal Bridle Rosettes for horse lovers who want the best for their horse!
Each pair is unique: designed and hand-beaded with super strong line.
Focal beads of Swarovski Crystals, Semi-Precious Stones, even
Mother-of-Pearl carved roses. You won't find these elsewhere.

Payments made securely through PayPal's website. NO FEES, FREE SHIPPING!.
The Rosettes are time-intensive to make, the photos don't do them justice.
Custom-made Bridle Rosettes available; more information at bottom of page.
Not sure what size to order? The Right-Size Rosette for Your Bridle

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Mother-of-Pearl Bridle Rosette

Mother-of-Pearl Rose
The stunningly beautiful Mother-of-Pearl
carved Rose creates a fantastic focal point
for this Rosette, which is beadworked with
white and iridescent clear beads. Aurora
Borealis hearts shimmer with opal-like blues
and yellows. Matte-white cat's-eye hearts
act as a counterpoint. Truly unique!
Price: $85.00 per pair    #RSMOPROS

Blue Kiwi Bridle Rosettes

Blue on Blue
Puffed round center stone, possibly Kiwi.
Beads fan out from the center,
partitioned by glass bugle beads and
titanium-coated hematite beads.
Iridescent puffed star-shaped beads
create a wonderful depth around the
light seed bead center collar.
Dark blue rocaille beads fill out
the wagon-wheel effect.
Price: $75.00 per pair    #RSBLKIWI

Black Bridle Rosettes

Black Crystal
Swarovski Crystal center, with Aurora
Borealis half-coat stars.
Rich, deep black seed beads.
Nice flash in sunlight.
Price: $75.00 per pair    #RSBLACK1

Abalone Bridle Rosettes

Genuine natural green Abalone center
with pink flashes. Green and white
Tree Agate flanking beads,
olive green seed beads.
Price: $75.00 per pair    #RSABALN1

Pink Bridle Rosette

Pink Crystal
Swarovski Crystal focal, with more
Swarovski Crystals around the center.
Pink Opal Glass ovals, and
Mother-of-Pearl oat beads.
What young rider wouldn't love
these for her horse?
Price: $75.00 per pair    #RSPINKCL

Dark Blue Crystal Bridle Rosettes

Dark Blue Crystal Bridle Rosettes
Dark blue Swarovski Crystal center,
iridescent blue hearts, blue
teardrop beads. Dark blue faceted
Cheyenne seed beads, iridescent
seed beads, translucent dark blue
seed beads at the edge.
Price: $75.00 per pair    #RSDKBLCR

Red Bridle Rosette

Red Crystal
Brilliant red Swarovski Crystal center,
Swarovski Crystal bicones.
Aurora Borealis half-coat hearts
and stars, rich, glowing
iridescent seed beads.
Price: $75.00 per pair     #RSREDCL1

Leopardskin Jasper Bridle Rosette

Leopardskin Jasper
Black swirls and spots are spattered across
the reddish-brown Leopardskin Jasper
focal bead, hence the name! Genuine
4mm Garnets with deep iridescent
garnet-colored seed beads.
Price: $75.00 per pair    #RSLEPRD1

These Bridle Rosettes are prized by horse people who want something special for their horse.   Don't see what you want?   I'll work with you to beadwork a unique rosette set for your bridle.   Having a new bridle made?   I'll contact the bridle maker regarding the correct size Rosette.   Contact me, Joani, at: ub.by.joani@gmail.com to get started!

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