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Previously Sold Rosettes

Below are a few of the hand-crafted rosettes that have been made and sold over the years.
I will work with you to create something for your horse that is original and unique!
Maybe something here will give you ideas for what you want for your horse.
I'll draw up a unique design, using elements and colors that you like.

Having a new bridle made? I'll work with the bridle maker regarding the correct size Rosette.
Email me, Joani, at: ub.by.joani@gmail.com to get your custom set started.
Feature a picture of your horse wearing the new bridle rosettes on UB's website!
Email some good pictures of your horse in bridle proudly wearing the new Rosettes.

Not sure what size to order? Click on: The Right Size Rosette for Your Bridle

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Blue and Turquoise Crystal Bridle Rosette

Blue and Turquoise Rosettes
Featured above are Bear's bridle rosettes.
Stitched with blue Swarovski Crystal center,
touched by the points of Czech blue stars,
scattering of tiny turquoise crystals.
Silver-lined silver glass to make it shine,
turquoise and blue seed beads throughout.

Bear wearing Bridle Rosettes

Bear Sporting New Bridle Rosettes
Beautiful grey Bear, proudly displaying
his new blue and turquoise Bridle Rosettes,
ready to step out and shine!

Squishy wearing custom bridle rosettes

Squishy shows off his new bridle
Squishy sporting his new bridle with customized
turquoise and blue Bridle Rosettes, enjoying
a nosh at Kensington Metropark in Michigan.
New tack and yummy grass to boot.
He's a happy horse!

Turquoise and Blue Bridle Rosette

Custom Turquoise and Blue
Squishy's customized set of Small Rosettes,
featuring a blue Swarovski Crystal center,
turquoise twisted bugle beads,
titanium-coated Hematite, turquoise
and blue seed bead border.

Dark Red Crystal Bridle Rosette

Dark Red Crystal Bridle Rosettes
Featured above are Bud's bridle rosettes.
Stitched with dark ruby red Swarovski Crystal
at the center, flanked by pointed oval
red glass and pink Opal Glass rounds.
Bubbly root beer seed beads to fill, with
iridescent dark green seed beads at the edge.

Bud with Bridle Rosettes

Bud in his Bridle Rosettes
My previous horse, Bud, wearing his
Bridle Rosettes, right before one of
our trail rides. Bud passed away in 2015,
and the bridle with Rosettes is now worn
by Katchina. 14 years' use for two different
horses, and they are still in great shape!

Casper wearing custom bridle rosettes

Casper the Friendly Horse
Handsome, personable Casper, sporting his
new Bridle Rosettes bling! The Red Tigereye
with copper, lavender, and Goldstone colors
looks great on this charming dun gelding.
He and Katchina Doll have filled the empty
pasture and my heart. Two sweeties!

Red Tigereye Bridle Rosette

Red Tigereye
Close-up of Casper's Rosettes:
Lush Red Tigereye center beads,
flanked by glimmering Goldstone rounds.
Copper-coated pale lavender stars,
metallic iridescent seed beads.

Crystal Bridle Rosettes

Clear Crystal
Small Rosette with Swarovski Crystal center,
with Swarovski Crystals flanking the center.
Aurora Borealis half-coat stars, and
Mother-of-Pearl oat beads.    #RSCRSTL1

Bronzite Bridle Rosettes

Brown Bronzite
Small Rosette with Bronzite center stone
that looks like rich crushed velvet.
Twinkling bronze glass stars,
copper color seed beads.    #RSBRONZ1

Blue Bridle Rosettes

Blue Crystal
Medium Rosette with blue Swarovski Crystal
center, amidst cobalt blue hearts.
Shimmering Aurora Borealis stars,
faceted rainbow blue Czech glass.
Deep dark blue seed beads
with magenta highlighter seed beads.    #RMBLUEC1

Sodalite Bridle Rosette

Medium Rosette featuring blue and white
Sodalite semi-precious stone centers,
with glittering midnight blue Goldstone
rounds, blue & white Fossil Stone,
cobalt hearts, Aurora Borealis blue stars,
iridescent seed beads, finished with
dark blue Delica outer beads.    #RMSODLT1

Tan and Brown Rosettes

Here Comes the Sun!
Stunning polished Petrified Wood Center Beads,
surrounded by metallic copper seed beads,
with pale matte yellow rays shining among
iridescent amber glass seed beads.
Copper and dark bronze completes the circle.

Sol's Star

Colors to Warm You
Created in colors of the Southwest: dark bronze,
Charlotte-cut warm brown, brick red, Ceylon Pearl white,
Charlotte-cut black, with faceted Black Onyx center,
to match the hand-made wool girth band
also being created for Sol.

Earth Tone Rosettes

Earth Tone Rosettes
Warm Earth-Tone colors featuring faceted black
Onyx center, cream color seed beads creating
a star around the focal bead, translucent
brown, iridescent root beer beads, with
Charlotte-cut black seed beads at the edge.

Donated to Friends of Shimek 2019 fund-raiser.
Bid won by Steve & Carolyn Kokjohn, who
graciously extended use of their beautiful
River Valley Lodge and Campground for horses
near Farmington, IA, to host the fundraising event.

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