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Small Size Bridle Rosettes

Beautiful, one-of-a-kind hand-beaded bridle Rosettes for horse lovers who want the best for their horse!
Replace those plain -- and often rusty -- rosettes on your horse's bridle with these gorgeous Rosettes.
Each pair is unique: designed and made by me, hand-beaded on leather, over a stainless steel form.
Some feature Swarovski Crystals in Pewter settings as the center bead, for that extra flash.
Others have Semi-Precious Stone centers for a subtle, yet rich appearance.
These Rosettes are very time-intensive to make and my photos don't do them justice.

If the Rosettes you want have already been sold, let me know and I'll made a pair similar to them, but unique.
In addition to the Rosettes featured here, I am happy to work with you to create a customized set for your bridle.
If you are having a new bridle made, I will contact the bridle maker regarding the correct size Rosette for your bridle.
Some bridle makers offer to put the Rosettes on the bridle for you, so that it arrives to you already complete!
Contact me, Joani, at: info@uniquebeadwork.com.

ECO-FRIENDLY LEATHER: The beadworking is done on leather, which supports the weight of the beads
and all of the stitching. Most of the beads are double-stitched, using super-strong beading line.
The leather used is from a leather coat factory that was throwing away sizable unused portions and scraps.
Myself and other buyers showed the factory that selling to us made money for them,
and kept perfectly good leather from ending up in a landfill.
The beadworking effectively covers the face of the Rosette so that little, if any leather, actually shows.

SMALL ROSETTE = The stainless steel form disc face = 1-1/4" (32mm),
the backside rectangle connector loop = 3/4" W x 7/16" H (18mm x 11mm) Inner Dimension.
The finished beaded Small Rosette face is 1-1/2" to 1-9/16".

For Medium Bridle Rosettes, click on: Medium Bridle Rosettes.
Not sure what size to order? Click on: The Right Rosette for Your Bridle.

Black Bridle Rosettes

Black Crystal
Swarovski Crystal center, with
Aurora Borealis half-coat stars.
Rich, deep black seed beads.
Nice flash in sunlight.
Price: $75.00 per pair    #RSBLACK1

Bronzite Bridle Rosettes

Brown Bronzite
Bronzite stone has the look of
crushed velvet, for a rich center bead.
Bronze glass stars,
copper color seed beads.
Price: $75.00 per pair   #RSBRONZ1

Crystal Bridle Rosettes

Clear Crystal
Swarovski Crystal center, with
Swarovski Crystals flanking center.
Aurora Borealis half-coat stars,
and Mother-of-Pearl oat beads.
Price: $75.00 per pair   #RSCRSTL1

Abalone Bridle Rosettes

Genuine natural Abalone center
that is green with pink flashes.
Green and white Tree Agate flanking beads,
olive green seed beads.
Price: $75.00 per pair   #RSABALN1

Pink Bridle Rosette

Pink Crystal
Swarovski Crystal center, with more
Swarovski Crystals around center. Pink Opal Glass
ovals, and Mother-of-Pearl oat beads.
What little girl could resist this for her pony?!
Price: $75.00 per pair   #RSPINKCL

Red Tigereye Bridle Rosette

Red Tigereye
Lush Red Tigereye center beads,
flanked by glimmering Goldstone rounds.
Copper-coated pale lavender stars,
metallic iridescent seed beads.
Reduced Price: $45.00 per pair   #RSRDTGR1

Red Bridle Rosette

Red Crystal
Brilliant red Swarovski Crystal center,
surrounded by Swarovski Crystal bicones.
Aurora Borealis half-coat hearts and stars,
rich, glowing iridescent seed beads.
Price: $75.00 per pair    #RSREDCL1

Leopardskin Jasper Bridle Rosette

Leopardskin Jasper
Reddish-brown Leopardskin center bead with
black swirls and spots, like a leopard's coat.
Genuine 4mm Garnets with deep iridescent
garnet colored seed beads.
Price: $75.00 per pair   #RSLEPRD1

Turquoise and Blue Bridle Rosette

Custom Turquoise and Blue
Customized set of Small Rosettes,
with blue Swarovski Crystal center,
twisted turquoise bugle beads and
titanium-coated Hematite, with
turquoise and blue seed bead border.

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