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This page serves a couple of purposes:
1) You have successfully completed your online order and payment through PayPal.
This page is to let you know that your order has been placed and is being processed.
Thank you for your order! It will be promptly processed and shipped to you.

2) You have just clicked on: Ordering on the navigation bar, and have come to this
page for more information on how to place your order, either online or as a mail-order.
For that information, please read on ...

Ordering online is easy.
Each item has an "Add to Cart" button below its description, or beneath its picture.
Above the "Add" buttons, custom options such as Earwires or Clasps may appear.
First-up choices will usually match the item as pictured.
Scroll, highlight, and click to select the options you want.

If a Length box appears, type in preferred Length, or select from Lengths offered.
Click the "Add to Cart" button when you are finished making your selections.
Your PayPal shopping cart is displayed with the newly added item.
Review the description to make sure the item and selections are what you chose.
Click on the "Continue Shopping" button to return to Unique Beadwork's website.

If there is an incorrect item at the PayPal shopping cart site, or you've changed your mind,
please delete the item from your cart and re-order. If it happens again, the code may be wrong.
Contact me at: problem@uniquebeadwork.com, so it can be corrected.

When you've selected your last item, remain at PayPal's website to finish checking out,
or else click on the "View Cart" button at upper left when you are ready to check out.
Online payments for orders are finalized at PayPal's secure website, with credit or debit cards.
You do NOT need to be a PayPal member to use this service.
You will not be charged any fees to use PayPal -- fees are paid by Unique Beadwork.
PayPal has security features in place to protect your information.

If you want to place an order but are uncomfortable with ordering online, or
simply prefer mail-order over online ordering, please print out the order form below.
Fill it out and mail it with payment (personal check, cashier's check, or money order) to:
        Unique Beadwork
        R.R.3 Box 108c
        Kahoka, MO. 63445

Email me in advance as to what items you want, so that they can be reserved or created for you.
This is especially important on one-of-a-kind items, like the Dichroic Glass Necklaces.

Credit cards will be accepted with mail orders, but are still payable through PayPal online.
I will prepare an invoice through PayPal, and email it to you, along with PayPal's website address.
You will need go to PayPal's website and the card will be processed through PayPal.
Do not send Unique Beadwork any credit or debit card information.

Using the printed order form also allows customized features for your jewelry.
Whatever customization features are offered online are the same using the mail order form.
The form has two columns marked S and G, for Silver or Gold color findings
(the item's metal components) in the jewelry piece being ordered, which includes clasp color.
Mark an X under either S or G for each item being ordered, where it is required.
There is also a Clasp column for items which offer clasp choices.
To go to Printable Order Form page, click on: Printable Order Form

Unique Beadwork uses Inventory Tracking through PayPal's shopping cart system.
As our name indicates, Unique Beadwork makes many one-of-a-kind items, and many of
the jewelry and other items are made in limited quantities due to bead limitations,
as I rarely buy more than one or two strands of any one kind and color of bead.
There are just too many interesting beads out there to only buy a lot of the same thing!

Items are tracked through an inventory system that won't allow purchase of an item
which is out-of-stock. Webpages will be updated as frequently as possible to remove listings
or mark as Sold those items that are sold out either temporarily or permanently.

Email me at: info@uniquebeadwork.com regarding the item you want, to see if I have the
necessary beads to make another, or to create a new piece inspired by the one you saw listed.


Online orders can be paid with credit or debit card, and bank transfers through PayPal.
You do not need to be a member of PayPal to use it, nor do you need to log-in.
When you proceed to checkout, you will be taken to PayPal's website to finish the transaction.
PayPal has security features in place to protect your information.
Fees for using PayPal are paid by Unique Beadwork, not our customers.

Payment for mail orders can be made with personal check, cashier's check, or money orders.
There will be a small wait on new customers for check clearance before shipping the order.
Payments for mail orders can also be made with credit or debit cards by mailing your order
to Unique Beadwork, and a PayPal Invoice will be prepared and emailed to you for payment.
Payment will then be made by you online through PayPal.
Do not send Unique Beadwork your credit or debit card information.
Please be sure to include your shipping address and email address with mail orders.

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