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Floating Necklaces

Floating necklaces are popular, you will see women everywhere wearing them.
The necklaces are made up of three wire strands of different lengths,
with beads individually suspended along the wires, giving the beads
the appearance of floating, for a really fantastic effect!

Necklace lengths are given as 2 lengths, one for the inner, shortest wire,
and the other length given is for the outer, longest wire. So, necklace lengths such
as 18" and 21" means the inner wire will rest where an 18" necklace would on you,
but the longer 21" exterior wire will be the actual over-all necklace length.

The necklaces are created with flexible, nylon-coated 49 strand stainless steel cable wire.
All come with Silver-Plated lobster claw clasps and Silver-Plated 2" extension chains.

Stars and Moons Floating Necklace

Stars and Moons
You have the sun in the morning and
the moon all over this necklace!
Iridescent pale yellow Mother-of-Pearl
coin beads interspersed among colorful stars
and glittering dark blue Goldstone beads.
Goldstone drop bead on 2" SP extension chain.
Inner strand is ~17-3/4" (45.0cm),
Outer strand is ~20" (50.7cm).

Blue Floating Necklace

Blue Floating Necklace
Beautiful blue Czech Glass beads, Swirled
Lampwork Glass, smooth rounds, faceted rounds
w/AB half-coat, faceted Crystals, faceted ovals.
2" Silver-Plated ext. chain w/Czech Glass
bead drop. Silver-plated lobster-claw clasp.
Inner strand is ~18" (45.7cm),
Outer strand is ~22" (55.9cm).
#NFBLGLS1   $33

Blue Goldstone Floating Necklace

Midnight Blue Goldstone
Blue Goldstone is nearly black in
appearance, but within the midnight
blue depths shimmers copper flakes.
Goldstone is actually glass, not stone.
From 4mm rounds to 12mm rounds.
Inner strand is ~18-1/2" (47cm),
Outer strand is ~22-3/4" (57.7cm.)
#NFBLGDS1   $33

Quartz Crystal Floating Necklace

Quartz Crystal
Beautiful large clear Quartz Crystal globes,
faceted Czech Glass w/AB, Foil Glass with
shimmering white foil centers. Faceted Czech
Glass bead drop on Silver-Plated 2" ext. chain.
A glittering, beautiful necklace!
Inner strand is ~18.5" (47.0cm),
Outer strand is ~21.5" 54.6cm).
#NFQTZCR1   $33

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