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Dichroic Glass

Dichroic (dI-kroy-eek) Glass is absolutely one of my favorite materials to use: it's a beautifully
layered glass with vibrant, pure colors fused together, often with foil inset for a shimmering,
glittering appearance. The colors are intense: electric blues, brilliant greens, shimmering coppers,
hot pinks, glittering purples, vibrant reds, outer-space deep black, dark plums, fiery oranges. Pure color!

Each Dichroic Glass pendant is individually hand-made, each one is a work of art by itself.
Some suggest underwater fish swimming amidst ocean greenery, some a swirling nebula
in deep space, others suggest a massive pink rose garden, or just a wonderful abstract
montage of color. Dichroic Glass pendants and beads are unique and beautiful materials used
in necklaces for people who really enjoy vivid, intense, pure colors in their jewelry.

Listed below are the various styles of Dichroic Glass necklaces.
Click on the underlined name for the webpage featuring necklaces in the pictured style.

Rigid Wire Dichroic Glass Chokers

Rigid Wire Chokers
Dichroic Glass pendants hung from
16" Silver-Plated rigid wire chokers.
The wire supports the necklace, making
it very lightweight on the neck.

Flexible Wire Dichroic Glass Chokers

Flexible Wire Chokers
Close-fitting to the throat
3-strands of 4mm and 6/0 seed beads
on flexible wire Dichroic Glass
necklaces in different colors.

3 Strand Dichroic Glass Necklaces

3-Strand Necklaces
These necklaces are created on 3 flexible
wire strands, ranging from small size 11
seed beads, through size 3, and up to 4mm.
Many feature a black background with the
brilliant Dichroic Glass pendant shining
against the dark backdrop.

Multi-Color Dichroic Glass Necklaces

Gorgeous Colors 4-Strand
Multiple, intense colors of select small
seed beads flow from one color to the next,
complementing the pendant's colors.
Time-intensive necklaces created on four
strands of quality flexible beading wire.
Real knock-out necklaces!
Because each Dichroic Glass pendant is unique, each Dichroic Glass necklace
is uniquely one-of-a-kind. Pages are updated to mark as "sold" any listing of a sold necklace.
Email me at: info@uniquebeadwork.com regarding the necklace you'd like to have, to see if I have a
similar Dichroic pendant to make another, or to create a new piece inspired by the one you saw listed.

All of the flexible wire necklaces are created using nylon-coated 19 strand stainless steel beading wire.

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