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Jewelry Party Banner

Are you a client of Unique Beadwork? Do you like receiving FREE jewelry and big discounts?
Do you enjoy a personalized shopping experience, and casual socializing with friends
in a relaxed home setting while trying on the latest beautiful beaded creations?
If so, then hosting a Unique Beadwork Jewelry Party may be just right for you!

Hi, my name is Joani, and Unique Beadwork is my home business of over 30 years, where I design
and create all of the items sold at the parties and on this website. I am a middle-class, Mid-Western
American, and your purchase is a rare opportunity to buy individually created, hand-crafted
American-made artistic pieces, rather than a mass-produced machine-manufactured product.

There are many advantages to Hosting a Unique Beadwork Jewelry Party:
Hostess Advantages

Easy to Do
You provide a mailing list of names and a
home setting for a 3 hour party. I'll do the rest.

NO Start-Up or Membership Fees
Many home party businesses require an expensive
start-up fee or purchase of their enrollment kit,
costing you $$$, before you can even get started.
Unique Beadwork has no such fees of any kind.

Reasonable Prices, Unique Jewelry
This opportunity allows you to display truly
unique jewelry, many of which are one-of-a-kind
pieces, such as the Dichroic necklaces,
priced very reasonably for easy sales.

Rewards at Many Different Selling Levels
Other home parties usually have a very limited
number of Rewards Tiers, requiring you to sell a lot
of their products before you see any real rewards.
Unique Beadwork offers you Rewards at numerous
different levels, so that every party is a success
and you always benefit.

Upfront and Honest
You can find out right on this page what is what.
Other places won't provide that information up front,
instead making vague promises with a lot of hype.
If you have any unanswered questions, a quick
email to me at: info@uniquebeadwork.com will
provide you with the information you seek.

Some of the great advantages in Attending a Unique Beadwork Jewelry Party:
Try it and Buy it!
Other home parties have a few sample items and a
stack of catalogs. You have to order, you have to
wait to get your order, then you have to hope that
the item in real life measures up.

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, jewelry sets, stick
pins, and more are available for you to try on and
see how you like them. They aren't sample pieces,
and several will be one-of-a-kind jewelry items,
which are available for immediate purchase.

Reserve & Review Website Items!
Go ahead and browse UB's website prior to the
Jewelry Party. If there's items you especially like,
contact me at: info@uniquebeadwork.com
so that I will bring them along for you to see in
person. You are under no obligation to buy them.

FREE Customization
You can change the clasp or necklace length, or
decide you want posts instead of French-hooks, or
maybe you wear clip-ons, or maybe you like a larger
or smaller bracelet size. Anything you see but want
customized in some way can be done, at no extra
charge, and will be shipped directly to you.

Order Your Favorite Colors!
Some people enjoy jewelry in a favorite color, or want
jewelry in colors that show support for their favorite
sports team. Others have special events, such as
weddings or proms, that require certain jewelry
colors or types. Unique Beadwork has beads in a
huge range of colors, cuts, and types, including
Crystals and genuine Freshwater Pearls. I'll work
with you to make the jewelry piece you have in mind,
and get it to you in 2-3 weeks, or less.

FREE Shipping
Get free shipping on any size order
placed during the party.

First Jewelry Assortment
Attendee Advantages

More Fun Benefits at Unique Beadwork Jewelry Parties!
    Door Prizes
    Gift Pens, Bags

FREE Door Prizes
Drawings every hour for Free Door Prizes.
There's a selection of different types of items from
which to choose, so you will always be happy with
winning your Door Prize!

FREE Decorative Pen
Keep the pretty pen you use to sign up for prizes!
The pens have various beautiful decorator covers,
with caps, and are easy to carry in your purse.

Pretty & Practical Packing
All purchases are packed in tissue paper and
placed into decorative gift bags, perfect to keep
or to use for giving your purchase as a gift.

Get $3 OFF Your Party Purchase or Order
Provide your current email address
for periodic updates on the newest items.
Unique Beadwork does NOT share info.

Great Hostess REWARDS!   Multiple Reward Levels!
Check out the ever increasing rewards with each
$99 worth of jewelry sold at your home party.
You get to take both the FREE Jewelry and the
10-20% OFF at your party, instantly! No waiting!

With guest sales of $200 - $299,
Get $30 WORTH of FREE Jewelry.

Guest sales totalling $300 - $399 means you
take an additional 10% OFF of your purchases.

Guest sales totalling $400 - $499 equals
$35 FREE Jewelry PLUS additional 15% OFF.

Guest sales totalling $500 - $599 gets you
$40 worth of FREE Jewelry + additional 15% OFF.

Guest sales totalling $600 - $699 equals
$45 FREE Jewelry, PLUS additional 15% OFF.

Guest sales totalling $700 - $799 gets you
$50 worth of FREE Jewelry + additional 15% OFF.

Guest sales totalling $800 - $899 equals
$55 FREE Jewelry, PLUS additional 15% OFF.

Guest sales totalling $900 - $999 means
$60 worth of FREE Jewelry + additional 15% OFF.

Guest sales over $1,000 entitles you,
the Hostess with the Mostest, to
$65 in FREE Jewelry + an additional 20% OFF
of your purchases or special order!!

For each Jewelry Party booked from your party,
you will receive $25 Worth of FREE Jewelry,
redeemable at or after the booked party.

There are No Restrictions to what jewelry you may
choose. It can be anything on the website, which
currently has 63 pages of items, at the party, or
a special order. It doesn't even have to be jewelry;
it can be a beaded fan/light pull that you'd like
for yourself or as a housewarming present. Anything!

Hostess Rewards

Hostessing a Unique Beadwork party is simple, with few obligations upon the hostess.
The hostess provides a list of names and addresses of friends, family, & co-workers who
may be interested in trying on and buying beautiful, individually made, reasonably priced jewelry.
Her home is usually the setting for a 3-hour party, with light snacks and beverages.

I create and mail out the invitations, supplying postage, usually about 2 weeks before the party date.
Unique Beadwork provides display stands for the jewelry, mirrors, two 5' folding tables, table covers,
extension cords, and even daylight-balanced table lamps, if needed.

UB Home Jewelry Parties are also a fantastic opportunity to do gift-shopping for upcoming events:
holidays, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, housewarming, homecoming, prom, allowing you to acquire
uniquely individual hand-crafted items you can't find anywhere else, and at very affordable prices!

NOTE: If you are an Animal Rescue Group or other recognized 501c Charitable organization,
wanting to hold a Jewelry Party as a fund-raiser for your group, please contact me
regarding details about Cash Back Rewards donated to your group by Unique Beadwork.

To schedule a home Jewelry Party, contact me at info@uniquebeadwork.com, or write to me at:
Unique Beadwork
RR3 Box 108c
Kahoka, MO. 63445

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