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Fan and Light Pulls

We have numerous overhead fan and light combinations throughout our home.
I didn't think much of the crummy little tassle-pulls that came with them.
I figured, why be ordinary? Why use the ordinary, ugly pulls that came with the fan and light?
So I sat down and beadworked some nice long pulls, making a translucent, glittery one
for my light pull, and one with some opaque, some translucent beads for the fan pull.
For other rooms, I made yellow-silver-white for the light, shades of blue for the fan/wind.
That made it easy to see at a glance which is for which.

You can brighten up any room and make it unique with your own fan and light pulls.
Each pull is made of four beading strands, hand-crafted into an eye-catching swirl of beads.
They are perfect for overhead lights and fans, or for wall lights.
The end of the pull is a special metal piece that attaches to the metal ball chain on fans and lights.
Be the first house in your area to have one of these gorgeous beaded pulls!

Don't see the color or color combination you are looking for? Too long? Too short?
If you want a pull in a color/length not shown, go to its Customization section to order.
Choose the Length: that fits your needs, then at Color(s): type in the color choice(s) you want
in your fan/light pull, with the dominant color first, then the second most important color next, etc.

For horse-theme and other fan / light pulls, go to: Horse Theme Fan / Light Pulls
Other fan~light pull pages: Penguins, Penguins, Penguins!, Butterflies, Duck, Kitty.

Translucent Fan / Light Pull

Custom Translucent Add-to-Cart Button


#1 Clear Crystal
Faceted clear Crystals, Czech Glass with AB finish.
Silver-lined clear seed beads; faceted glass pull-bead.
12-1/4" length (31.1cm)  #FPLCRYS1   Price: $24.00

#2 Pale Pink
Faceted pink large ovals, rounds, rondelles in Crystal,
Czech Glass w/AB half-coat, large faceted pull-bead.
11-3/8" length (28.8cm)  #FPLPINK1   Price: $24.00

#3 Mint Green
Faceted mint green Crystals, Czech Glass, white
Ceylon seed beads, large faceted glass pull-bead.
12-1/2" length (31.7cm)  #FPLMGRN1   Price: $24.00

#4 Sunny Yellow
Cheerful yellow faceted Crystals, Czech Glass w/AB
white Ceylon seed beads. Pineapple Quartz bead.
12-3/8" length (31.3cm)  #FPLYELO1   Price: $24.00

#5 Sky Blue
Faceted rondelles, rounds in Crystal, Czech Glass
w/ AB, lampworked Glass with raised glass pull-bead.
12-1/4" length (31.0cm)  #FPLBLUE1   Price: $24.00

Opaque Fan / Light Pull

Custom Opaque/Trans. Add-to-Cart Button


#6 Beautiful Blue
Faceted rondelles w/AB, shimmering blue
center bead, gold-swirled cobalt blue
Lampworked Glass teardrop pull-bead.
11-3/4" length (29.8cm)  #FPOBLUE1   Price: $24.00

#7 Caramel Amber
Carved bone, Smoky Quartz, Czech Glass in
caramel, bronze, cream, amber combination.
12" length (30.5cm)  #FPOAMBR1   Price: $24.00

#8 Forest Green
Soothing, deep greens, leaf-shaped Czech Glass,
Lampworked Glass with raised gold Glass Trail.
12-1/2" length (31.7cm)  #FPFORSTG   Price: $24.00

#9 Black and White
Black and white glass beads, gorgeous oval
glass pull-bead with glittering gold swirls.
11-5/8" length (29.5cm)  #FPBLKWHT   Price: $24.00

#10 Earth Tones
Warm earth tones of cream, black, amber.
Black Agate bead, Lampwork Glass pull-bead.
12-3/8" length (31.3cm)  #FPEARTH1   Price: $24.00

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