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Subtle, Stylish Eye ~ Sunglass Cords

Why be ordinary? Why use an ugly cord, or a chain that tangles and knots, to hold your glasses?
Forget about the cheap-o, flimsy, plastic bead cords that discount and dollar stores carry.
Not only are they cheap, they are cheap looking. Instead, for a few more dollars,
you can have an eyeglass or sunglass cord that is both beautiful and functional.

This page features glass holders in a subtle, stylish look, created with twisted glass bugle beads,
which offer a nice flash at the front, and smooth, vibrant seed beads in a beautiful range of colors.
Make a fashion statement with your eyeglass/sunglass holder. Makes an ideal, inexpensive gift, too!

At the Color choice: option, choose either silver or gold color end-pieces / twisted glass bugle beads.
The first-up option is the one that matches the cord as pictured. The cords are about 26-28".

Can't find the color you want? Go to the bottom of the page, and Customize a cord in any color!
At Color Choice: choose either the Silver or Gold end-pieces and bugle beads.
At Seed Beads: type in the color of the seed beads you want. Be specific as you can.
Unique Beadwork has a great range of colors in seed beads, so if you want a specific shade of purple,
such as egg-plant purple or amethyst purple, type that in. The Customized Cords are still only $15!

For more lavish, elegant cords, created with Mother-of-Pearl and Semi-Precious Stones, click on:
Classy, Classic Eye~Sunglass Cords

For more glasses cords, created in a Western Style, click on:
Western Style Eye~Sunglass Cords

Our very latest designs for chess enthusiasts!! click on:
Chess Theme Eye~Sunglass Cords

Black Eye~Sunglass Cord
Color choice:

Classic Black
Small black seed beads with
Charlotte-cut black seed beads
for extra flash.
#EYBLACK1    Price: $15.00

Translucent Peacock
Beautiful, shimmering, translucent,
iridescent peacock color seed beads.
#EYPEACOC    Price: $15.00

Peacock Eye~Sunglass Cord
Color choice:

Iridescent Garnet Eye~Sunglass Cord
Color choice:

Iridescent Garnet
Iridescent dark garnet red seed
beads, sprinkled with Charlotte-cut
beads for extra flash at the back.
#EYGARNET    Price: $15.00

Multi Colors
A rainbow of green, blue, and
purple in opaque, multi-colored
seed beads, with Charlotte-cut
seed beads to give more flash.
#EYMULTI1    Price: $15.00

Multi Colors Eye~Sunglass Cord
Color choice:

Iris Blue Eye~Sunglass Cord
Color choice:

Iridescent Blue
Iridescent, opaque, dark blue-
purple-green seed beads.
#EYIRBLUE    Price: $15.00

Black Diamond
Dark, sheeny charcoal grey
Hemalyke seed beads, subtle.
#EYHEMLYK    Price: $15.00

Hemalyke Eye~Sunglass Cord
Color choice:

Lilac-Blue Eye~Sunglass Cord
Color choice:

Translucent, iridescent, glimmering
lilac-blue seed beads, a really
interesting flow of colors.
#EYGLILAC    Price: $15.00

Root Beer
Translucent root beer colored
seed beads with iridescent
shimmering effect.
#EYGROOTB    Price: $15.00

Root Beer Eye~Sunglass Cord
Color choice:

Customize Your Own
At Color choice: choose
either Silver or Gold
for the color of the
end pieces/bugle beads.

At Seed Beads: type in
a specific color choice.
Unique Beadwork has a
huge color selection;
it's far too big to list!
Price: $15.00

Color choice:
Seed Beads:

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