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Colorful Earrings on Sterling Silver Earwires

These earrings are created in an array of colors you'd have trouble finding elsewhere,
using wonderful materials. Great earrings for yourself, or great gifts for great friends!
All earrings come on Sterling Silver French-hook earwires, unless otherwise noted.
All earrings come with clear rubber earnuts for earring safety.

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Lampwork Colorful Earrings

Lampwork Glass
Opaque turquoise blue
Lampwork Glass w/translucent
purple and blue glass
drizzles across surface.
1.5" length (3.8cm)

Sunny Yellow Colorful Earrings

Sunny Yellow
Warm, sunny yellow
8x10x13mm rectangular
stone beads, may be
Yellow Agate.
1.5" length (3.8cm)
#ENYELWRT   $12.50

Peach Cloisonne Colorful Earrings

Peach Cloisonne
Puffed 14mm coin dark
peach Cloisonne w/white,
pink, green flower center.
1.625" length (4.1cm)

Pink Jade Colorful Earrings

Pink Jade
Semi-translucent pink
Jade rounded corner
flat rectangles.
1.75" length (4.4cm)

Multi Foil Colorful Earrings

Multi Foil
Silver color puffed coin
Foil Glass speckled with
red, teal, yellow, blue;
faceted crystal rondelle.
1.625" length (4.1cm)

Fire Agate Colorful Earrings

Fire Agate
Peachy-orange spotted
and craze-lined round
Fire Agates.
1.625" length (4.1cm)

Green & Teal Foil Colorful Earrings

Green & Teal Foil
Shimmering lime green
and teal Foil Glass.
1.75" length (4.4cm)

Strawberry Jade Colorful Earrings

Strawberry Jade
Like strawberry sauce
poured over ice cream,
pink, white, red Jade.
1.875" length (4.7cm)

Blue Tube Colorful Earrings

Blue Tube
4-sided long light blue
glass tube bead with
darker blue swirls.
1.5" length (3.8cm)

White-Gold Globe Colorful Earrings

White Copper
Clear glass globe with
white center sprinkled
with coppery-gold flakes.
1.25" length (3.3cm)

Amethyst Teardrops Colorful Earrings

Amethyst Teardrops
Hand-carved Amethyst
teardrops dangling below
Amethyst rounds.
1.875" length (4.7cm)
#ENAMYDR1   $17

Iridescent Blue Coin Colorful Earrings

Iridescent Blue
Beautifully textured
puffed coin bead in
iridescent blue-green.
Surgical steel earwires.
1.875" length (4.7cm)
#ENBLUCN1   $15

Bonsai Tree Colorful Earrings

Bonsai Tree
Delicate Bonsai Tree
black Window Glass
with silver frame,
Silver-Plated earposts.
1.5" length (3.6cm)

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