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Short 'n' Sassy Earrings on Sterling Silver Earwires

More cute, interesting short 'n' sassy earrings created from unusual, gorgeous beads,
such as Alexandrite Glass, Cat's Eye, Foil Glass, Goldstone, Millefiori, Porcelain, Sputnik, more!
Buy for yourself, plus these earrings make a great gift for a gal pal!

All earrings come with sweeping, elegant Sterling Silver French hook earwires.
All earrings come with clear rubber earnuts for earring safety.
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Porcelain Rose Short 'n' Sassy Earrings

Porcelain Rose
Dainty dark pink roses
and gold swirls adorn
white Porcelain beads.
1.5" length (3.8cm)

Purple Millefiori Short 'n' Sassy Earrings

Purple Millefiori
Flat oval Millefiori Glass
with red, white, and
clear flower center.
1.5" length (3.8cm)

Millefiori Goldstone Short 'n' Sassy Earrings

Millefiori Goldstone
Multi-colored Millefiori
Glass flowers set in
glittering Goldstone.
1.625" length (4.1cm)

Alexandrite Glass Short 'n' Sassy Earrings

Changes color: pale blue,
lavender, crystal clear!
Gorgeous rose-shaped
flower bead with AB.
Stunning earrings.
1.5" length (3.8cm)

Blue-Green Jade Short 'n' Sassy Earrings

Blue-Green Jade
Semi-translucent Jade
flat ovals, blue melding
into green. Soft look.
1.375" length (3.4cm)

Iridescent White Short 'n' Sassy Earrings

Iridescent White
Gorgeous textured surface
white Aurora Borealis,
white Freshwater Pearl.
Very classy earrings.
1.625" length (4.1cm)

Strawberry Foil Short 'n' Sassy Earrings

Strawberry Foil
Luscious strawberry glass
with Foil and multi-colored
bead droplets, unusual!
1.5" length (3.8cm)

Black Striped Agate Short 'n' Sassy Earrings

Black Agate
Striped Black Agate
teardrops with light
brown and white stripes.
1.5" length (3.8cm)

Purple Sputnik Short 'n' Sassy Earrings

Purple Sputnik
Purple Sputnik rondelle
with teal highlights,
lavender Opal Glass.
Really cool looking!
1.5" length (3.8cm)

Blue Green Coin Short 'n' Sassy Earrings

Bluegreen Coin
Glass coin bead with
highly textured surface
in iridescent blue-green.
Very sharp looking.
1.625" length (4.1cm)

Ceramic Swirled Bicone Short 'n' Sassy Earrings

Ceramic Swirls
Beautiful Ceramic bicone
with swirls of various
shades of rich browns.
1.375" length (3.5cm)

Millefiori Heart Short 'n' Sassy Earrings

Millefiori Heart
Green Millefiori heart
w/white flower center,
Mother-of-Pearl round.
1.5" length (3.8cm)

Crazy Lace Agate Short 'n' Sassy Earrings

Crazy Lace Agate
Beautiful swirls and
patterns in shades of
light and medium blue.
1.5" length (3.8cm)
#ESCRZLC1   $15

Ceramic Oval Short 'n' Sassy Earrings

Ceramic Oval
Creamy tan background
with swirls of caramel,
chocolate, and fudge.
A yummy sundae delight!
1.375" length (3.5cm)

Short 'n' Sassy Earrings

Semi-translucent purple
Amethyst round beads.
1.375" length (3.4cm)
#ESAMTHS1   $12.50

Blue Cat's Eye Short 'n' Sassy Earrings

Blue Cat's Eye
Beautiful blue Cat's Eye
Glass twisted oval.
1.5" length (3.8cm)

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