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Short 'n' Sassy Earrings

Many professional and career women appreciate a small earring for the workplace.
A lot of gals like the looks of a dainty earring with their outfits and neck line.
Beautiful beads unlike any you will find elsewhere, or gorgeous glass, stone, coral.
Buy for yourself, plus these earrings make a great, inexpensive gift for a gal pal!

Measurement lengths are from top of the earwire/earpost to bottom of the earring.
All earrings on SP fishhook earwires or posts, and come with clear rubber earnuts for earring safety.
If you prefer clip-ons instead of earwires, make a note during purchase at "Instructions to Merchant."
For Short 'n' Sassy Earrings on Sterling Silver earwires, click on: S'n'S Page 2.

Short 'n' Sassy Earrings

Golden Tigereye
Rich, dark golden-brown
Tigereye, shimmering
surface chatoyancy.
1.375" length (3.4cm)
#ESBTIGR1   $10

Peach Coral Short 'n' Sassy Earrings

Peach Coral
Like a small bite of
a fresh peach, tasty
Coral round beads.
1.25" length (3.2cm)
#ESPCORL1   $10

Rhodochrosite Short 'n' Sassy Earrings

Dark pink round stone
bead with faint black
1.25" length (3.1cm)
#ESRHODC1   $7

Black Silk Short 'n' Sassy Earrings

Black Silk
Classy looking Black Silk
Stone rounds with Pewter
bead caps.
1.375" length (3.5cm)

Green Cubes Short 'n' Sassy Earrings

Green Cubes
Cute little green stone
cubes, with darker green
lines and striations.
1.0" length (2.4cm)
#ESSQGRN1   $9

Yellow Millefiori Short 'n' Sassy Earrings

Yellow Millefiori
Cheery bright yellow and
white beads, with flowers.
Like wearing a bit of sunshine!
1.5" length (3.8cm)

Purple Mother of Pearl Short 'n' Sassy Earrings

Pretty purple and white
Mother-of-Pearl composite.
1.375" length (3.5cm)

Colorful Shell Short 'n' Sassy Earrings

Stacked Shell
Lots of color in these
small Shell pieces, so
it goes with anything!
1.125" length (2.7cm)

Fluted Onyx Short Earrings

Fluted Onyx
Fluted black Onyx tear-
drop, black Onyx round.
1.375" length (3.4cm)

Sponge Coral Short 'n' Sassy Earrings

Warm Coral
Warm orangish-red
Sponge Coral with
faint black specks.
1.25" length (3.1cm)

Picture Jasper Round Short 'n' Sassy Earrings

Sandy Beach
Picture Jasper beads
paint a scene of black
speckles amidst the
color of wet sand.
1.25" length (3.1cm)
#ESPXJSP1   $7

Purple Waves Short 'n' Sassy Earrings

Purple Waves
Lovely purple waves
breaking against a
brilliant white sky.
1.625" length (4.1cm)

Red Jade Short 'n' Sassy Earrings

Red Jade
Semi translucent
red Candy Jade flat
oval, and round Jade.
1.5" length (3.6cm)
#ESRDJAD1   $10

Picture Jasper Bowtie Short 'n' Sassy Earrings

Picture Jasper
Sandy, tan browns in
a cute bowtie shape,
topped round beads.
1.5" length (3.7cm)
#ESPXJPB1   $10

Chinese Turquoise Short 'n' Sassy Earrings

Chinese Turquoise
Speckled turquoise blue
and white round beads.
1.5" length (3.7cm)
#ESCHTRQ1   $7

Striped Agate Short 'n' Sassy Earrings

Striped Agate
Stylish striped Black
Agate rounds under
Pewter cones.
1.5" length (3.7cm)
#ESBSAGT1   $10


For inexpensive small earrings in faceted crystal and glass, click on: Crystals.

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