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Sea Treasures Earrings

Your friends will think you've discovered sunken treasure. Even mermaids will envy you!
Freshwater Pearls, Mother-of-Pearl, Coral, Abalone, Paua, and Shell are wonderful materials
to use in jewelry-making, with individual texture and coloring for that perfect, unique, organic look.
The nacre of Pearls have that glimmering iridescent sheen across the Pearl's surface.
Mother-of-Pearl, Abalone, and Paua have beautiful swirls in their depths.

Each earring is a little different, due to the natural, organic source of materials.
All earrings come with clear rubber earnuts for earring safety.

Mother of Pearl Earrings

Black & grey MOP round
on top, brown and white
Mother-of-Pearl body.
Gold-Plated earposts.
1.25" length (3.1cm)

Diamond Abalone Earrings

Diamond Abalone
Abalone, laminated both
sides, some natural
pitting. Peach Coral.
Surgical steel earwires.
2.125" length (5.3cm)
#ETABALN1   $18

Mother of Pearl and Coral Earrings

MOP and Coral
Mother-of-Pearl oval
inset with red Coral
beads. Surgical steel
French hook earwires.
2.0" length (5.0cm)
#ETMP3CRL   $15

Purple Paua Sea Earrings

Purple Paua
Intense purple Paua w/
blue highlights, plum-
purple Freshwater Pearls.
Silver-Plated earposts.
1.75" length (4.4cm)
#ETPAPPL1   $20

Abalone Oval Earrings

Abalone Oval
Gorgeous green with pink
highlights Abalone oval,
grey Freshwater Pearls,
Silver-Plated earposts.
2.0" length (5.1cm)
#ETABOVG1   $22

Red Paua Earrings

Red Paua
Intense deep red Paua
with milky blue-white
Opal Glass round,
Gold-Plated earposts.
1.875" length (4.7cm)
#ETPARED1   $20

Black MOP Earrings

Black MOP
Dark blue Goldstone
rounds, black & white
Mother-of-Pearl beads.
Silver-Plated earposts.
1.25" length (3.3cm)
#ETMOPCB1   $14

Grey Pearl Stick Earrings

Grey Pearl Stick
Rich iridescent peacock
grey Pearl Sticks, with
Freshwater Pearls above,
FP dangles, Surg. steel.
2.125" length (5.2cm)
#ETPSTKG1   $22
For more Pearl Sticks

Oval Abalone Earrings

Abalone w/Pearls
Abalone oval with
dark purple-red
Freshwater Pearls.
Surgical steel earwires.
2.625" length (6.7cm)


Red Mother-of-Pearl Plaque

MOP Red Plaque
Purple-red plaques,
iridescent peacock grey
Pearl Sticks, cranberry
Fresh-water Pearls.
Surgical steel earwires.
#ETMPRED4   $25

Mint Green MOP Pearl Earrings

Mint Green
Mint Mother-of-Pearl
coin bead on top with
Freshwater Pearl dangles
on Silver-Plated chain;
surgical steel earwires.
2.625" length (6.6cm)

Golden Oval MOP Earrings

Golden Oval
Golden brown oval of
Mother-of-Pearl with
iridescent peacock grey
Pearl Stick, bright copper-
brown Freshwater Pearls.
2.75" length (6.9cm)
#ETMPGOV1   $25

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