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Earth Tone Earrings

Enjoy the warm, relaxing feel of Mother Nature's gorgeous earth tones.
These Stone Beads have fantastic matrixes, stripes, spots, swirls, and speckles that
guarantee each is unique and full of life, as are the earrings from which they are created.

Earrings come on Silver-Plated fish-hook earwires, but you may substitute earposts or clipons
by emailing me at: info@uniquebeadwork.com, with earring name and #.
Earwires changed to posts or clip-ons will reduce length by approximately 1/2 inch.
All earrings (except clip-ons) come with clear rubber earnuts, to keep your earrings safely on.

For earth tone necklaces with matching earrings, click on: Earth Tone Necklaces

Hex Tigereye Earth Tone Earrings

Hex Tigereye
Golden-brown Tigereye
cut into hexagonal
beads, top and bottom.
1.5" length (3.8cm)

Dalmation Jasper Earth Tone Earrings

Dalmation Jasper
Black spots on cream
colored Dalmation Jasper
long oat-shaped and
6mm round beads.
1.625" length (4.1cm)

Ocean Jasper Earth Tone Earrings

Ocean Jasper
Mottled greys, browns,
and off-white stone
in a pin-cushion cut.
1.5" length (3.8cm)
#EEOCNJS1   $10

Tigereye Rounds Earth Tone Earrings

Tigereye Rounds
Dark golden-brown 6mm
& 8mm Tigereye rounds.
1.5" length (3.8cm)

Smoky Quartz Earth Tone Earrings

Smoky Quartz
Trans. Smoky Quartz
ovals, w/iridescent
Smoky Quartz rounds.
1.625" length (4.1cm)
#EESMKYQ1   $12

Hemalyke Vase Earth Tone Earrings

Hemalyke Vase
"Black Diamond," a dark,
shiny charcoal-grey glass.
1.5" length (3.8cm)

Crackle Agate Earth Tone Earrings

Crackle Agate
Semi-translucent grey
Agate with black matrix.
Black fluted teardrop
Onyx as top bead.
1.75" length (4.4cm)
#EECRAGG1   $12

Tree Bark Earth Tone Earrings

Tree Bark
Swirls and blends of
earth tones, reminds
me of tree bark, like
Chrysanthemum Jasper?
1.75" length (4.4cm)

Marquise Agate Earth Tone Earrings

Marquise Agate
Black, some dark brown,
white striped marquise-
cut Striped Agate.
1.875" length (4.6cm)
#EESTAGM1   $14

Faceted Agate Earth Tone Earrings

Faceted Agate
Faceted Striped Black
Agate coin beads, Czech
Glass teardrops.
1.875" length (4.6cm)

Picture Jasper Earth Tone Earrings

Picture Jasper
Beautiful sand, tan,
brown Picture Jasper,
caramel glass drop.
2.0" length (5.0cm)

Leopardskin Jasper Earth Tone Earrings

Beautiful spotted brown,
grey, tan, and black
Leopardskin Jasper beads
with lots of movement.
2.5" length (6.2cm)


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