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Blister Pearl Earrings

Blister Pearls are Pearls which only partially formed into a round shape, then
the rest of the Pearl nacre pooled and flowed into interesting free-form shapes.
Blister Pearls are organic and each Pearl will be slightly different--the ideal material for unique earrings!
They are perfect earrings for the person who wants something both beautiful and unusual.

Earrings are on Sterling Silver French-hook earwires, with clear rubber earnuts.
If you prefer posts or clip-ons, make a note at "Instructions to Merchant" at PayPal.

For other earrings made with interestingly shaped Pearls, click on:   Pearl Stick Earrings.

Iridescent White Blister Pearl Earrings

Iridescent White
Beautiful iridescent
sheeny white Blister
Pearl earrings.
~1.75" length (4.3cm)    #EBHWHTS1   $14
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Long White Blister Pearl Earrings

Long White
Long Blister Pearls
with natural white
gleaming nacre.
~2.125" length (5.3cm)    #EBHWHTL1   $17
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Wide Purple Blister Pearl Earrings

Wide Purple
Wide Blister Pearls in
a rich plum purple.
~2" length (5.1cm)    #EBHPRPS1   $16
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Long Purple Blister Pearl Earrings

Long Purple
Both wide and long,
nice heft and body.
~2.375" length (6.0cm)    #EBHPRPL1   $17
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Golden Green Blister Pearl Earrings

Golden Green
Unusual golden-green
color with faint
iridescent overtones.
~2.125" length (5.3cm)    #EBHGDGR1   $16
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Bright Green Blister Pearl Earrings

Bright Green
Vivid lime green
Blister Pearls for
earrings that stand out!
~2.125" length (5.2cm)    #EBHBRGRN   $16
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Curved Red Blister Pearl Earrings

Curved Red
Curved Blister Pearls
like red fingernails.
~2" length (5.0cm)    #EBHREDS1   $15
Long Red Blister Pearl Earrings

Long Red
Slightly longer red
Blister Pearls earrings.
~2.125" length (5.3cm)    #EBHREDL1   $16
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Dark Green Blister Pearl Earrings

Dark Green
Very dark evergreen,
inverted teardrop shape.
~1.75" length (4.4cm)    #EBHDKGRN   $14
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Lavender Blister Pearl Earrings

Lavender Points
Pointed single lavender
Blister Pearls.
~1.75" length (4.4cm)    #EBHLVNP1   $14
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Long Grey Blister Pearl Earrings

Long Grey
Iridescent light grey
nacre with nice texture
and surface features.
~2" length (5.1cm)    #EBHGRYL1   $17
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