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Ear Wires, Posts, Clip-ons, Posts, Nuts

You don't have to settle for ordinary earwires if you desire something different!
There are all sorts of really interesting and unusual wires to try.
Check out the different styles shown here--different shapes, lengths, sizes, and tones.
Earposts and earwires without their own means of closure (ie: clip-ons, kidney wires, leverbacks),
come with soft, clear rubber earnuts for earring safe-keeping.

Where possible, the type of metal used in manufacturing the earwires is noted.
Not all earwires have that information on them, especially wires that are silver or gold tone.
If you have metal allergies, please note what the metals are for each wire, and order accordingly.

Most of Unique Beadwork's earrings are made so that different earwires can be substituted.
If the option is available, an Earwire option box will appear above the "Add to Cart" button.
If mail-ordering, please note on the mail order form what type and color of
earwires / posts / clip-ons you prefer for each pair of earrings ordered, based on options presented.
Except for Sterling Silver earwires, there is no charge for substitution.

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Half-Moon Earwires
Half Moon Earwires
Interesting, new style featuring
Silver-Plated wire in a sort of
moon-within-a-half moon
shape. The diameter of the
circular shape is about 5/8".

Open Loop
Open Loop
Dainty, Silver-Plated fish-hook
style, with a decorative ball
at the end of the wire.
These are small earwires,
best suited for small ears.

Kidney Style
Very light, small wires; a nice
wire for little girls' ears,
or for dainty earrings.
Unknown metal content.

The gold tone is shown above,
and silver tone is below.
Since these wires fasten,
they do not require earbacks.

Leverback earwires clasp
against the backside,
eliminating the need for earbacks.
Unknown metal content.

Gold tone is shown above,
silver tone is shown below.

Surgical Steel
Surgical Steel
Surgical steel earwires in
the French hook style.

Top wire is gold-plated
over surgical steel wire.

Middle wire is surgical steel,
with nickle-plated coil & ball.

Bottom wire is surgical steel
with gold-plated coil & ball;
great for mixed metal earrings!

Earposts are often chosen to
keep the over-all earring short.
Some people just prefer posts.

Top is Gold-Plated
earpost over brass.

Middle is Silver-Plated
earpost over brass.

Bottom is Nickle-Plated
earpost for antique look.

Flattened French
Flattened French
French hook with the fore
section of wire flattened,
for flash and style.
Really nice earwires!

Top is Gold-Plated
earwire over brass.

Bottom is Silver-Plated
earwires over brass

Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver
Elegant, sweeping Sterling
Silver French hook earwires.
These also have the flattened
fore section for flash, style.
Classy looking earwires!
Stamped "925" about 1/2" up
from the tip, to signify they
are Sterling Silver, which is
92.5% pure silver.

Unique Beadwork knows
not everyone has pierced
ears, and that is why
we offer clip-ons!

Top is gold tone clip-on.

Bottom is silver tone clip-on.

Also called earbacks. Clear
rubber earnuts are included
with every pair of earwires
that need earnuts.
Metal earnuts are available
for earposts upon request.

Top: Standard rubber earnut.
Middle: 11mm clear rubber
for heavier earrings, or to
give extra support for
over-enlarged earholes.
Bottom: Metal earnut.


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