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This page shows what the different types of available clasps look like,
as well as giving examples of what type of clasp works best with certain jewelry items.
In addition to the rather standard lobster claw clasps, Unique Beadwork offers a variety
of clasps such as toggles, decorative toggles, sterling silver S-hooks, magnetic, and more.

Bracelets with lobster claw clasps can be frustrating to fasten.
Try a magnetic or button clasp instead, to make fastening a breeze.
Toggle clasps are popular for when you want something different.
Large, decorative toggles look great on necklaces, and you
will want to show off the clasp when it's a gorgeous leaf or flower!
Sterling Silver S-hooks and J-hooks can add class to any necklace, and
look and work especially great on memory wire necklaces.

Lobster Claw
More attractive and easier to use than the old-style round spring clasps,
lobster claw clasps are an ever popular component for necklaces, bracelets,
and anklets. YouTube shows a trick using a paperclip to help fasten them.

1) Gold-Plated, standard size

2) "Antique Gold" tone, unknown metal

3) Silver-Plated, standard size

4) "Antique Silver" tone, nickle-plate

5) Oversized, nickle-plate.

Toggle clasps are one of the oldest known forms of clasp.
A bar slides through a ring, then is pulled sideways to fasten.

Shown here is an assortment of some of the various toggle clasps
used to create necklaces and bracelets. The top two toggles are
small and look well with children's jewelry. The rings of the small
toggles can be used as jump rings for oversized lobster claw clasps.
The lower toggles are decorative, from a nautical theme to a
bike wheel with matching handle-bars, to a decorative rose.

Special Decorative Toggle
Since toggles can be decorative, they are a clasp that can really
add to the appearance of a necklace. If the clasp swings around
to the front, so what? It looks good anyway!

I like to incorporate a decorative toggle as a central feature of some necklaces.
When the toggle is a beautiful leaf or flower, it only enhances the look of
the necklace, and gives it a more eye-catching and distinctive appearance.
Leaf and Flower decorative toggles in silver color; Flower also in gold color.

Sterling Silver J- and S-Hooks
Sterling Silver J-hooks and S-hooks are both decorative and functional.
Substituting Sterling Silver for standard clasps has an extra charge.
When Sterling Silver hooks are desired as a part of a Custom jewelry order,
they are counted as part of the price quoted, with no extra charge.

Also available: silver-color, copper, gold-color J-hooks.
Super easy to fasten on bracelets, yet holds firm! My personal favorite.

Side Slide
Outer end-piece is slotted, the inner end-piece has a small triangular spring.
Slide the thinner, inner piece into the slot, press firmly to snap shut.
Holds necklaces and bracelets easily, but does take practice to close.
Available for 2-strand and 3-strand necklaces or bracelets.

Jewelry will require about a 3/4" slack, as you will need some slack
for room to manuever the two end-pieces together, especially with bracelets.

Globe Magnets
There isn't a woman born who hasn't struggled to fasten a bracelet clasp
one-handed and found herself wishing that there was an easier way!
Globe Magnets are great for double-strand Swarovski Crystal bracelets,
and can also support some single-strand Semi-Precious Stone bracelets.
Substituting a Globe Magnet for an other type of clasp is $2.50 extra.

The top magnet is a Gold-Plated globe shape.
The bottom magnet is a Silver-Plated globe.

Cylinder Magnets
The top magnet is a Gold-Plated cylinder shape, and surprisingly strong
for its size. Very small and inobtrusive, quite nice for bracelets and anklets.

The bottom magnet is a Silver-Plated cylinder shape, again, surprisingly strong.
They are shown enlarged, but are actually quite small in size, about 5x6mm.
On rare occasions, a magnet may loosen from its setting and require
If this should happen to your bracelet, Unique Beadwork
will replace the defective magnet, No Charge.

Button Clasp
This is a great clasp! One of the easiest to fasten & unfasten for bracelets.
Some women prefer this type of clasp over the Cylinder Magnets for anklets.
A round knob on one end-piece fits inside the donut-hole in the other end-piece.
Button Clasps are best used on bracelets with 1/2+" drape.
Sit down, drape the bracelet over your wrist with the ball on top, facing the
inner side of wrist.   Support the donut-hole against index and middle fingers,
use your thumb to bring the two pieces together. Give the pieces a squeeze to
loosely fasten. Pinch the two pieces together again with your fingers to snap
clasp all the way shut. Slide a fingernail in-between, then pop the donut-hole
piece up to unsnap. Available in both Silver-Plated brass and Gold-Plated brass.

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