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The photos below are a guide to help you more easily find the type of bracelet you're looking for.
The photos and names illustrate the type of bracelet you can expect to find on that webpage.
Click on the underlined Name of the bracelet style to be taken to that page.

Most bracelets come with easy-to-fasten J-hook clasps and 3-link chains.
If you prefer one of the other clasps shown on the Clasps page, email me at:
info@uniquebeadwork.com to indicate clasp preference.

Mother-of-Pearl Bracelets

Mother-of-Pearl coin beads in a wonderful
choice of colors, inset within decorative,
2-sided Pewter frames, with easy-to-fasten
J-hook clasps and 3-link chain! Each bracelet
is adjustable to 3 different lengths.

Stylish Bracelets

Beautiful materials such as Millefiori Glass,
Foil Glass, Lampwork Glass, and a wide variety
of Semi-Precious Stones, complimented by the
stylish side-tubes. Easy-to-fasten J-hook clasps
and 3-link chain for adjustable lengths.

Statement Bracelet

Large gorgeous beads of Quartz Crystal,
Semi-Precious Stones, Goldstone Glass,
Lampwork Glass, and more! Lots of presence,
easy-to-fasten J-hook clasps and 3-link
chains for adjustable lengths.

This 'n' That Bracelet

This 'n' That
Smaller sized beads in a variety of
Semi-Precious Stones, from colorful
red, blue, green and purple, to rich,
muted gorgeous Earth Tones. Easy to
fasten J-hook clasps and 3-link chains.

Double Strand Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

Pearls & Swarovski
Double strand bracelets, Swarovski Crystals
set in findings, Freshwater Pearls, magnetic
clasp, Sterling Silver safety chain. Custom
Bracelet Sizes, 9 colors available.

Memory Wire Bracelet

Double Row Crystals
Faceted rondelle Crystals in double
rows on Memory Wire, lots of flash and
glitter in even half-light! No Clasp!
Wide range of colors available.


Before shopping for a bracelet, it's best to first determine your actual Wrist Size.
To do this, lightly circle your wrist with a seamstress tape -- don't pull it tight against the skin,
but also don't let it gap. That gives you your actual Wrist Size.
Keeping the end of the tape on top of your wrist, allow it to begin to loosen underneath,
until you see the amount of drape that you want in a bracelet, bring the tape up against
the end and note the length; that gives you your preferred Bracelet Size.

J-hook Clasps with 3-link chain are very easy to fasten bracelet clasps, and stay secure.
Bracelets with J-hooks & chain allow for 3 different lengths in each bracelet, for easy sizing!

Magnetic Clasps require a small amount of drape, so Bracelet Size should be somewhat larger than Wrist Size.
However, they are best used with Sterling Silver Safety Chain.

Lobster Claw, Side-Slide, Toggle, and Button Clasps need at least a 1/2" drape to fasten clasps.
(To find out more about available clasps, how they work, what they look like, click on: Clasps.)

Memory Wire is a rigid type of wire that is pre-formed into either a circle or oval,
and will retain that shape, with no clasp to fasten, as it will circle back round to itself.
Memory Wire bracelets are usually double-row, finished with bead dangles at the ends.
They are the "one-size-fits-all" type of bracelet featured at Unique Beadwork,
requiring no size specifications, and are a favorite for their easy-on, easy-off feature!

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