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Swarovski Crystal and Pearl Bracelets

Looking for that something special for a wedding, prom, evening wear, or just for dressy fun?
These two-strand bracelets feature Swarovski Crystals for flash and Freshwater Pearls for class,
and additional sharply faceted Crystals with Aurora Borealis finish, and faceted Czech glass.
The pictures don't do them justice--they have a lot of flash which is difficult to capture.

These trendy, stylish bracelets come with easy-to-fasten magnetic clasps. $29 each.
Each bracelet also features a 2" Sterling Silver safety chain.

Customize Bracelet Size Length!
You can buy the bracelet at the size shown, or type in an alternate length.
Bracelet Sizes are given with the clasp closed. Determine your Wrist Size as described on
the Bracelets webpage, then add 1/4" to 1/2" for slight to moderate drape in your Bracelet Size.
Measurements may be given in 1/4" (quarter inch) increments, from 6-1/2" up to 8".
Type in your Bracelet Size at the box. Otherwise, the size will be what's shown on webpage.

Crystal & White Pearl Bracelet

Crystal AB
Swarovski Crystals, clear cut
Crystals with AB finish, lots of
beautiful white Freshwater Pearls,
and Mother-of-Pearl rice beads.
7" (17.7cm)   #BCCRYST1
Bracelet Size:

Smoky Grey Bracelet

Smoky Grey
Smoky grey Crystals and
Freshwater Pearls with
Vitrail Czech glass make
this a smokin' bracelet!
7" (17.7cm)   #BCSMOKE1
Bracelet Size:

Black Crystal & Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

Black Crystal
Sharply faceted iridescent
black Crystals with
dark grey Freshwater Pearls.
Great for evening wear.
7.25" (18.3cm)   #BCBLACK1
Bracelet Size:

Pink Crystal & Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

Pink Crystal
Stand out with hot pink
Crystals and bright pink
Freshwater Pearls,
Opal Glass seed beads.
7.25" (18.3cm)   #BCBRPNK1
Bracelet Size:

Red Crystal & Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

Red Crystal
Deep ruby red Swarovski
Crystals, sharply faceted
AB red Crystals, cranberry
color Freshwater Pearls.
7" (17.7cm)   #BCDKRED1
Bracelet Size:

Royal Blue Crystal & Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

Royal Blue Crystal
Vibrant deep blue faceted
Crystals with large,
smooth Freshwater Pearls.
Beautiful in blue...
7.25" (18.3cm)   #BCRYLBL1
Bracelet Size:

Peridot Green Crystal & Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

Peridot Green
Bright, cheery peridot green
Crystals and Freshwater Pearls.
Faceted AB half-coat rondelles.
Mother-of-pearl rice beads.
7.5" (19cm)   #BCPRGRN1
Bracelet Size:

Lavender Crystal & Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

Lavender Crystal
Lovely in lavender
Freshwater Pearls and
faceted AB Czech glass.
Lots of sparkle.
7" (17.7cm)   #BCLVNDR1
Bracelet Size:

Purple Crystal & Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

Purple Crystal
Deep purple Crystals,
faceted AB Czech glass,
Freshwater Pearls.
Intense wrist jewelry.
7" (17.7cm)   
Bracelet Size:

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