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* All Things Bunny Banner
I've had great luck at the last two Bead Shows, finding new bunny rabbit beads!
They are in a variety of beautiful materials, such as Charms, Lampwork Glass, Mother-of-Pearl,
Pewter, Carved Semi-Precious Stones, and Brightly Colored Howlite. This cornucopia of new
bunny beads, plus bunny ribbons and other wonderful materials, has inspired many new items!
FREE SHIPPING on orders $35 and over!

For ID badge holders, bracelets, earrings, keyrings, click: Bunny Rabbit Beadwork,
For a wide variety of bunny earrings, click: Bunny Rabbit Earrings.
Click: Bunny Rabbit Stick Pins for beautiful 3" and 5" pins for coats, hats, purses, etc.

Around-the-Neck Keyrings

Around the Neck Keyrings
Perfect for the Bunny Lover who likes to
get out for anything from a quick errand
to a quick jog. The ribbons and chain are
25" & 27" long, and slide easily over the
head. Being lightweight with a low profile,
they also fit nicely over or under your shirt.

The ribbons are:
White with "Some Bunny Loves You" in a
variety of colors, Blue with white and
pink bunny faces, and White with multi-
colored sitting bunnies. Small size,
bright keyrings for a great finish!
#ARSNK257   Price: $5 ea.
25" Ribbon Type:

27" Ribbon Type:

Colorful Howlite Bracelets
All of the Howlite Bracelets have silver aluminum Stardust beads and decorative Pewter beads,
on 17 ga. aluminum wire, with easy-to-fasten handcrafted hammered hook clasp. Howlite stone
has some dark inclusions and matrix lines. The bracelets are ~7.25", yet can be made larger
or smaller; just be sure to include a re-sizing note at: "Instructions to Merchant" at checkout.

Sunny Bunny
Bright yellow Howlite bunny makes this a
cheerful bracelet to wear! Enhanced with
yellow and white Sputnik Glass,
glittering Rhinestone Collars.
#ARBCHYLW   Price: $20.

White Rabbit
This White Rabbit Howlite bracelet conjures
images of Alice in Wonderland and The
Easter Bunny! Raised Dot Lampwork Glass
beads, glittering Rhinestones.
#ARBCHWHT  Price: $20.

Yellow & White Howlite Bracelets

Carved Turquoise Bunny Necklace

Turquoise Bunny Necklace
Carved Turquoise bunny pendant with black
faceted Crystal teardrops, turquoise and
Pewter accent beads. Silver-Plated chain,
lobster claw clasp, decorative jump ring.
20" length (51.0cm)
#ARNTURQ1   Price: $25

Copper Bunny Bracelets
All of the Copper Bunny Bracelets are on heavy ga. Copper wire, with easy-to-fasten handcrafted
hammered hook clasp. They are ~7.25", yet can be made larger or smaller; just be sure to include
a re-sizing note at: "Instructions to Merchant" during checkout.

Relaxed Rabbit
A happy rabbit, carved to show it relaxing in the grass, with a delicate flower waving above. Glittering Rhinestone collars flank the Focal Bead, along with black, cream, and brown Glass beads.
#ARCBCPR3   Price: $25.

Miss Pretty Pink Ears
Soft white Lampwork Glass bunny with dainty pink-tipped ears. Glittering Rhinestones, pink and white Lampwork Glass beads, copper Stardust accents. #ARCBCPR4   Price: $25.

Copper Bunny Bracelets

Rugged Rabbit Keyrings

Rugged Rabbit Keyrings
Metal bunny heads in antique gold color,
topped by Semi-Precious stones, with
antique gold keyrings. Total length ~4".
Price $11 each.

Kiwi Jasper
Mint green, speckled black inclusions,
faceted golden brown Tigereye on top.

Pink Jade
Bright pink Jade teardrop,
with hot pink Jade round.

Chinese Turquoise
Turquoise-colored Howlite with
Black Agate round on top.

Picture Jasper
Sandy brown Picture Jasper
with blue Jade round.
Keyring Choices:


Black Rabbit Necklace
Lampwork Glass black rabbit bead, flanked by faceted Black Onyx coin and round beads, with large black Glass rounds on a 16" Silver-Plated rigid choker wire. A beautiful necklace for any bunny person!
#ARNBKONX   Price: $29

Black Rabbit Choker

ATTN: House Rabbit Society of Missouri Members, St. Louis Division!
I'm a member, too, and Unique Beadwork pays back 15% on all bunny items and 10% on all
non-bunny items purchased by members, in exchange for advertising on the business page
of the HRS of MO website.  Just make a note in the "Instructions to Merchant" box during
checkout, or email me at: info@uniquebeadwork.com to let me know you're a member eligible
for the donation to the House Rabbit Society of Missouri.
Would you like a % of your purchase paid back to your Animal Rescue Group?
Click: Non-Profit / Links for more information.

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