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Why buy a mass-produced product when you can have a uniquely created jewelry piece?
Why settle elsewhere for a bracelet with a type of clasp you don't particularly like,
when, with Unique Beadwork, you can customize and get exactly what you are looking for?

Unique Beadwork has been in business for over 35 years.
UB's goal is to provide quality, beautiful hand-crafted jewelry and beaded items to our customers.
Because we are a small business, you will get personal service and attention!
From bridle rosettes, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, even stickpins, to beaded light/fan pulls and ID holders,
we want you to be able to buy exactly what you desire, and so we offer customization,
from lengths of items to types of clasps, to custom creating a new item, just for you!

Unique Beadwork does not share any personal or financial information of its customers.
Ordering is done through Unique Beadwork's website, but all online payments are
processed and made securely through PayPal at PayPal's website.
UB does not share or sell email addresses with anyone or any other business.

Unique Beadwork wants happy customers, who proudly wear their UB jewelry creations,
and who are happy to recommend Unique Beadwork to their friends and family.
UB guarantees all products for workmanship and against findings breakage.
So, if a magnetic clasp malfunctions, a finding breaks, an item arrives damaged,
etc., please return the item to be repaired or replaced.
We cannot guarantee against breakage of beads over time, since they are often
stone or glass and will crack or break if dropped or handled roughly.

If, for some reason, the item is not as you ordered it, such as wrong size or color,
please contact Unique Beadwork about the problem so that we can correct it.
You may be asked to package the item in a padded envelope marked "FRAGILE"
or in an appropriate sized box and return it to Unique Beadwork, along with a note
explaining the problem, so that it can be corrected and returned to you.

Contact us regarding questions or comments you may have about this website or
ordering by emailing Unique Beadwork at: ub.by.joani@gmail.com
I'm a life-long Midwesterner who was exposed to beads at an early age and found Love at First Sight.
Beads have held an endless fascination for me since I first laid eyes on them.
We often visited family in South Dakota, including my Aunt, an Oglala Sioux,
and I loved looking at all of the beautiful beadworked items she and her friends created.
I began trading with other kids for beads when I was 8 and
by the time I hit my 20s I was scouring craft stores--unsuccessfully--for nice
glass and stone beads, instead of the conventional plastic so often used.
Eventually, my husband, who has been greatly supportive of my beadworking,
discovered a bead show only hours away! It was a slice of heaven!
Glorious, beautiful beads, made from every kind of material imaginable, in
a gorgeous array of colors, and a seemingly endless variety of cuts and sizes.

Now, several years and many, many bead shows later, Unique Beadwork has a veritable
cornucopia of fantastic beads in a huge range of colors, cuts, shapes, and sizes,
made of a wonderful variety of materials. We have Semi-Precious Stones, Fossil Stone,
Cloisonne, Carved Bone, Ceramic, Crystals, Lampworked Glass, Foil Glass, Czech and
Indian Glass, Coral, Abalone, Paua, Shell, Mother-of-Pearl, Freshwater Pearls,
Pearl Sticks, Baroque Pearls, Pewter, Sterling Silver, and more than I can list!

I use quality materials, from findings to beads, in my beadworking.
I have attended as many as 6 bead shows per year, which means a constant influx of new,
exciting beads. Because I like a lot of variety in my beads, I usually buy only one
or maybe two strands of any kind of bead, so that new items are constantly being designed
with newly purchased and different beads. This means the majority of the pieces
that I create are truly unique, one-of-a-kind items.

This website has been a long labor of love, from creating and photographing my jewelry,
to learning HTML so that I could create a website uniquely suited to Unique Beadwork.
Browse and hopefully you'll find something that speaks to you!

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